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Featured Presentations

Anti-Money Laundering  Regulation - What Can be  Learned From the Canadian  Experience,  by Ronald J. MacDonald, Q.C President, Federation of Law Societies of Canada, IBA Annual Conference Dubai, November 2011

Never to Whistleblow - JFBA’s Approach: When to whistleblow – a lawyer’s guide, by Tatsu Katayama, Anderson Mori & Tomotsune, Tokyo, Japan, IBA Annual Conference Dubai, November 2011

There will be more presentations such as those available above in 2012.

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Featured Articles


The Gatekeeper Initiative and the Risk-Based Approach to Client Due Diligence,  By Kevin L. Shepherd, April 2012. (Published in The Review of Banking & Financial Services.)


Comments upon Consultation Paper-The Review of the Standards-Preparation for the 4th Round of Mutual Evaluations,  IBA News, 17 Jan. 2011,  pp. 1-15 


2010 FATF Symposioum (issue cover).

Please click here to read the articles as published by the ABA Journal of the Professional Lawyer.

These articles are posted on this website with permission of the ABA.


The Financial Action Task Force – Lawyers as “Gatekeepers”: Risk-Based Approach Guidance for Legal Professionals, by Stephen Revell. Presentation made at the IBA Bar Leaders Conference, Paris, 22 May 2009.

IBA Anti-Money Laundering Website, by Paul Crick, in IBA News, April 2009, pp 40-41.

Making the Case for Appropriate Anti-Money Laundering Rules for Lawyers, by Neil Rose, in IBA News, April 2009, pp 37-39.

Guardians at the Gate: The Gatekeeper Initiative and the Risk Based Approach for Transactional Lawyers, by Kevin L. Shepherd (published in ABA's Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal (Vol. 43, No. 3), Winter 2009).


The Risk Based Approach in the New European Anti-Money Laundering Legislation: A Law and Economics View by Lucia Dalla Pellegrina and Donato Masciandaro (Paolo Baffi Centre Research Paper No. 2008-22).

Implementing the New Anti-Money Laundering Directive in Europe: Legal and Enforcement Issues – The Italian Case by Stefano Costa (Paolo Baffi Centre Research Paper No. 2008-13) *Italy*.

Implementation of the Third Money Laundering Directive – An Overview by Etay Katz, Allen & Overy, London (Law and Financial Markets review, Vol. 1 No. 3).

Legal Professional Privilege and the EU’s Fight Against Money Laundering – Case Comment by Jan Komárek (27 Civil justice Quarterly -2008-).

Debate over Lawyers’ Role in Anti-Money Laundering Enforcement by Howard W. Goldstein (Business Crime Bulletin 6 June 2008) *USA*.


IBA voices concern at a European Commission Meeting over the difficulties on the application of Anti-Money Laundering Legislation to the legal profession, by IBA’s AMLLIG, 19 February 2007.


The EU Legislative Framework Against Money Laundering and Terrorist Finance: A Critical Analysis in the Light of Evolving Global Standards by Valsamis Mitsilegas and Bill Gilmore (International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Vol. 56, Issue 1, pp. 119-141, 2007).


Anti-Money Laundering: Is anyone asleep on your watch? By Shaun O’Leary, Huntswood Consulting, (FDLegal) 19 December 2006.

Implementing the Third Money Laundering Directive: the Law Society’s Response, October 2006 *UK*.

Legal Professional Privilege/Intermediary Confidentiality: The Challenge for Anti-Money Laundering Measures by Angela Itsikowitz, June 2006.

The Third Money Laundering Directive: Implications for the Legal Profession by John Breslin, May 2006.


The Third Anti-Money Laundering Directive and the Legal Profession by Mariano Fernández Salas, May 2005.

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Featured Books

A Practitioner’s Guide to UK Money Laundering Law and Regulation, by Ruth Fox and Ben Kingsley (editors), 2nd edition, City & Financial Publishing, 2009

Anti-Money Laundering: International Law and Practice, by Wouter H. Muller, Christian H. Kalin and John G Goldsworth (Editors), John Wiley & Sons Publisher, 2007.

Solicitors and Money Laundering – A Compliance Handbook, by Peter Camp, Law Society Publishing, London, 2006.

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Featured Websites

The Law Society of England and Wales: Anti Money Laundering.

The Law Society of Scotland: Anti-Money Laundering. 

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Featured Media

IBA film interview with Luis Urrutia Corral, IBA Annual Conference, Vancouver, October 2010 

IBA film interview with Mark Mendelsohn, IBA Annual Conference, Vancouver, October 2010

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